Saturday, February 21, 2009

boy cards

i seem to have a creative block when it comes to cards for boys. why is it so hard to not think about ruffles and bows when i'm not even a girly-girl? it should come easy for me! anyways, here are two cards geared for males that were needed recently...

the dino card was for my nephew who hasn't been feeling well and the 10 card was for a friend of brendan's who just turned 10. duh;)
both were cut out using illustrator and my silhouette. the dino card is a gatefold card with a zigzag edge. the 10 card i am really proud of because i welded the numbers together and made it a folded card by mirroring the numbers and scoring it along the top to fold it. i hope that makes sense;)
i really liked this line of paper from basic grey when it came out for the fact that brendan loveloveloved dinosaurs when he was little. now that he is 7, he doesn't talk about them much, but if i ever get around to scrapping all the dino pics i have, these papers will come in handy. for now, they make great boy cards:)

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