Sunday, February 28, 2010

ckc & babies

ckc was just in town this past weekend. i had a blast, totally. it's like being a kid again and waking up on christmas morning... i was giddy like no other. i love going to the vendor fair... you get to see so much stuff! it is truly inpiring. and not to mention, hard to be good there and not spend your whole life's savings! hahaha!
i took two classes; one on friday morning before i went into work (i know, hardcore, right? haha) with my sister, called "top techniques for tantalizing cards", hosted by technique tuesday and then the paper crafts card swap with my mom that night.
the technique tuesday class was a lot of fun. we made 5 cards and even got a set of their clear stamps and a small ink pad. i like the stamp set we used... very versatile for every day cards. definitely something i will use over and over again. i was introduced to their "technique tiles" which are like chipboard shapes except they are cream colored instead of the kraft/brown color of most chipboard shapes. the appeal of their technique tiles being cream colored is that you can just ink them to add color... instead of having to paint them, etc. and wait for them to dry. and since you can ink them a color you are stamping with, they will definitely match your project to a t! very, very cool!
the card swap was also a blast. i've never done one and i must say that they are just too much fun! we made 4 cards, which were very cute and gave me lot of ideas . after going through the cards we swapped the ones we made prior to the class with the other ladies. so we all came home with 20 handmade cards. i love the idea of this. i almost wish i could put together a swap here locally. hmmm, that's something to think about:)
so onto the "babies" part of this post. my younger sister is having a baby! we are all definitely excited. friday we all went to her ultrasound appointment and found out that she is going to have... a BOY! yay! now we can start shopping! hahaha. so friday was a majorly good day.
i wish i had pictures to share, but i was lazy at the convention... well, i was probably just more absorbed in all the pretties!
did you go to ckc here in louisville? or somewhere else recently? what did you think? leave me a comment!

also, i almost forgot to mention that i entered the card contest ckc hosts... i didn't win (total bummer), but a friend from work, deanne, did! she won second place! they are supposed to post the winners online and i'll be sure to post a link once they do! wooo-whooo, deanne!!!