Saturday, May 22, 2010

ink storage

i just wanted to stop in and share something nifty.
i love vintage stuff. pretty much anything with a little nostalgic character will catch my eye. and i've always wanted a reason to have one of those old wooden coke/pepsi crates until the other day... i had an eureka! moment:)
frankly, i got tired of my ink drawer becoming so full that i could barely get it open. i store my inks, acrylic blocks, chalks and other small stamping related items in one drawer and it constantly gets stuck because new things move in, but nothing ever moves out. i always see coke crates at the flea market and remembered seeing this one that was divided... what a great thing for inks! luckily, the next weekend we went back to the flea market, it was still there!
i didn't even have to drill any holes in the crate... i just screwed some screws in the wall and they catch on the bottom slats of the crate! genius! the sections are even big enough to hold the larger ink pads that stampin' up has (not that i own a lot of them:). so now my drawer opens and is organized and my ink pads are out where i can see them. double score!
it's the little things, you know?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

in a dress

truth be told, i rarely ever scrapbook. i think the permanence of the gluing down of photos makes me a little uneasy. plus, my tastes change so much... what if i don't like this in 5 years? but, i've recently changed my mind. i like it now & my family will enjoy what i'm creating... so what's the big hold-up?!?!
i am promising myself that i will document these things, these times i am sharing with my children, because before you know it, they'll be older and not so nice;) i am finding that it's a little like creative therapy for me.
here's to preserving my life's story with paper and glue.

supplies used:
cardstock: bazzill
pp & sticker: cosmo cricket
ribbon: may arts
letters: american crafts, cosmo cricket
diecut machine: silhouette
font: ck_peaches (can't seem to find a link for this font... sorry!)