Wednesday, July 2, 2008

the suspense is growing!

so the last post i make i say i'm going to post more and tell you all about the baybee and what do i do? make you all wait 3 weeks. shame on me.
anywho... the baybee is a girl:) and we've decided to name her lily. she is a busy bee here lately and makes her presence known. john really likes feeling her move around which is really cute. brendan likes to hug my belly and tell the baybee he loves her. man, i'm a lucky gal.
john and i are talking about getting married this week. it will probably happen thursday as we are both off. i wanted to have some sort of wedding, but really i just want to be married and maybe for our 1 year anniversary we could have something small. i am hoping to have a cookout and have everyone come over to celebrate. we'll see;)
i should really get my act together and get crafty, but my stuff is in disarray because john is trying to build an office/craft room in the basement so the baybee can be in the room across from us. let's just say i try and stay out of his way;)
i will post more when interesting things are actually happening.