Friday, September 26, 2008

new stuff coming up!

so, just a forewarning... there will be quite a few new crafty posts after this one. i am finally getting around to editing photos of things i've made recently. so look forward to this blog actually getting some attention!
in other news, johnny and i did in fact get married... on july 10th to be exact. i am a thoroughly blessed little lady. and in baby news, we had the baby shower at my work, archiver's, which was a scrapbooking baby shower... a lot of fun i must add and lily's room is coming together quite nicely. i am definitely feeling the nesting bit of this pregnancy. it's hard to think that we are 21+/- days from finally meeting our little one! i am excited. and honestly, if she wants to come sooner, i won't mind;)
i hope all are well!

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