Sunday, February 14, 2010

day 14: ten things i love about you

for the last day, i decided to not do a card, but this little tin of "10 things i love about you" with the "you" being my husband:) i had a good time putting it all together, so i hope you enjoy it!

1. he always puts our family first.

2. he is very inventive. (and the little gears on this one really move!)

3. he's a pretty funny guy:)

4. he is a great father (and step-father!)

5. i think he's pretty cute!

6. he can cook (i.e. he makes me eggs benedict on special occasions:)

7. he is caring

8. he likes my cards

9. he is, ummm, well, i think he's sexy:)

10. he loves me!

1 comment:

Michelle (from KY) said...

are you kidding me. That is too clever! Goodness! Thanks for sharing.